The sweeping deserts that make up Qahil were once filled with dozens warring clans, fighting over resources and precious metals. Qahili fighting tactics focus on mobility and speed as the desert terrain made it difficult to fortify, leading to countless skirmishes throughout the lands while clans moved around, constantly trying to gain an advantage. For many years Qahil continued to be divided, with those who called for peace ever remaining a small minority. However, during one of the largest known battles in Qahil's history, the three major clans stood ready to face each other, hoping to destroy their enemies and become the dominant clan, a single figure seemingly emerged from the sand at the centre of the battlefield. Before any army could react, the figure appeared to conjure a great rock from underground, creating a large pointed structure that would be later called the Dieama. The figure called out to the gathered armies, declaring that Qahil had been fighting itself for too long and that whomever could scale the point would unify the kingdom. In awe of the figure's powers, the clans agreed that fighting him would likely prove to be impossible and chose to accept his challenge.

First, each of the clan's generals' tried, only to fail and fall from the rock. Then, more and more of each army's officers tried, until every last one either collapsed from the effort or fell from the rock into the sand below. As, the three clans' army was exhausted and none could reach the top, it did not take long for smaller clans to try as well. One of the smallest clans, Asada, accepted the challenge, however, Asada's first volunteer was a humble soldier, Hadi, a man of low rank and little importance. Despite his eagerness to volunteer, Hadi's older brothers refused to let him climb alone and accompanied him, the three using whatever weapons and equipment the other clansmen gave them. Though travelling together took them longer, the three brothers managed to brave the rock and reached the top, standing on the peak they looked down to see the gathered clans cheering and pledging their loyalty to Hadi and clan Asada. With a newly united army supporting him, Hadi unified the remaining clans and founded the capital Sakhra, with the Dieama becoming a citadel at the centre of the city.


The Kingdom of Qahil is dry and barren, filled with deserts stretching from East to West and littered with several rocky mountains. While normally a hot and arid landscape, Qahil has several major rivers spanning the land, often running from underground springs and running from the mountains to the ocean.

Most Qahil cities and towns are built on the coast or rivers, with the capital, Sakhra, built near the river Umar's delta. Most of the towns are used for farming, with several built around mines that supply Qahil with precious metals.



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