Deep within her unforgiving wilderness lies a kingdom nestled into the sheltered gorge of the Vaya mountains. The Kingdom of Altheria is a namesake tribute to the very powerful sorceress who founded the empire nearly 40,000 years ago and remains ruled by the original royal family since its origin. The Altherian Empire was forged from precious metals extracted from deep within the mountain and became the hub for all that glitters.


Altheria has been said to be the birthplace of all things dark magic and creatures, rumors that Queen Altheria had tainted the roots of the city. History dictates that werewolves, vampires, demons, sorcers and seers being accepted since its origin. However, Altheria often discriminates against regular humans and druids, as they try to keep the peace whereas the kingdom has been known to have frayed relationships with most other Kingdoms. With a bad history of burning everything in their path, the motto has officially become "from the ashes, we will rise".


The kingdom is secluded due to the rough terrain and dangerous forested regions. Altheria is veiled in mystery as the citizens do not readily welcome outsiders into their walls. Those who do manage to slip through either never return home or leave and refuse to return. The kingdom is divided by four visible sectors, all pertaining to welcome and status.

Citizenship and Status

There are three different citizenship statuses that exist (excluding the royal family), each living in a sector pertaining to their class and wealth.

High Class - very wealthy, powerful individuals with connections in all the right places. Many members of this class usually are part of the king's court and work for the kingdom.

Middle Class - less entitled but still decently wealthy individuals that live a comfortable lifestyle, usually as shop keepers, entertainers or warriors.

Low Class - almost considered scum by any class above them, the low class is full of poverty and usually have to fight for survival. Mostly hired as squires, laborers, farmers, miners, stable boys or maids.

The sun doesn't always shine down on the citizens of Altheria because they are sheltered by the Vaya mountains and shielded from a lot of sunlight (except for the royal palace), occasionally the high sector, rarely the middle sector and never shines in the low sector or mines. Citizens are allowed to move between all three sectors freely, but are unable to purchase estate or land unless their status changes. This means all low class members are stuck in the low sector, and so on and so forth.

Queen's Court

Altheria is now accepting members of the court. All lords and ladies, council members (five open positions), kitchen staff, guards, knights, maids, servants and stable boys will be listed here. If you are interested in a member of the queen's court, please contact Vic.

Royal Family

Altheria is now accepting members of the royal family. If you are interested, please contact Vic.

Economy and Currency

The currency in Altheria is much different than other regions, as most coins have been forged from the abundance of metals found in the mines.

Verbena - gold coins with a red gem in the middle, ironically named after the potent herb that is said to be a vampire's weakness. This is usually found in the pockets of royals, high class and sometimes in middle class. The slang name for this coin is Vervain.

Aconitum - small silver coins infused with ribbons of onyx and named after the plant known as Wolf's Bane. This is commonly found among the middle class and sometimes in the low class. The slang name for this coin is Monkshood.

Altheria's currency is meant to represent the concept that money can be poison and is thought to have existed since the empire's origin.

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