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She wears darkness
like a queen wears a crown.

Full Name:

Zephyrine Tamsin Rasmussen


Twenty Three


She is the chief of the clan Drangar.


Zephyrine is human.


Zephyrine specializes in close quarter combat with a sword and shield, but can often been known to use various other types of things. Other than a sword, her second preference is a bow. 



Modelled by Katheryn Winnick.


Zephyrine is a fiercely loyal and skilled shield maiden and chief of the Drangar clan, fighting alongside her warriors with ease and being equally adept, if not more, in battle. She often has a sense of adventure and loves spending time alone in the wilderness, exploring the Asarian lands and neutral territories and spends her free time training to be a better warrior.

She uses her title and position wisely and justly, leading her clansmen in the right direction. Those who step out of bounds, however, often get scolded in the most unpleasant ways. She acts viciously towards those she deems enemies and requires trust to be build and proven rather than given freely. She has castrated men for trying to undermine her position and doesn't take lightly to disloyalty.

Zephyrine, like her father before her, carries the same devilish spark that her notorious grandfather, Zephyron had when he ruled over the seas of Avalon. While having pirate blood often leads to discrimination against her, she has never been questioned when reigning over Drangar. Her people love and support her and she would lay her life on the line for any one of them.


Astrid grew up a poor citizen of Draconia before she ultimately chose to move to Asar, as she felt her calling was with a more eccentric people. Drangar was where she found her husband, Halvor, the son of a notorious pirate that reigned terror from the seas for nearly forty years. Halvor faced a lot of discrimination, as the women of Asar originally seen him as a plague left on the doorstep when his pirate father had a one night stand with a shield maiden. Astrid never judged him for who his father was and instead, taught him to embrace it.

They taught that same thing to Zephyrine, who was named after her grandfather. She was born into the clan Drangar and raised to be a warrior just like Halvor before her. Zephyrine flourished in a way that Halvor never could among the Asarian people; they accepted her. She was loved by many and cherished by all. She became the clan's little sweetheart, which was ironic because she grew up to be one of their fiercest warriors. It wasn't a shock to the Drangar clan, as they watched her grow up from a little girl to a young woman.

When she became sixteen, it was customary for Asarian people to be pitted against one another and forced to fight to the death until there was one left standing. Zephyrine finished strongly, most of her opponents having never been trained like she had. It was a blessing that her father was such a good warrior and could offer all of his skills, passing them down to her much like tradition. She did so well in the match that she was promoted to chief of Drangar (after the death of their former), exactly one year after she won her coming of age ceremony. Having been so young, she was forced to have a regent. Oddly thankful that her father was chosen, he begun to guide her in how to be a fair and just leader AND a fierce warrior. Unfortunately, her father perished in battle when she turned twenty and her mother died from sickness just shy a year ago. Zephyrine, now twenty three, is a spitting image of what her father once had been.

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