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Full Name:

Ylva Gustavdottir




Ylva is the sister of the Grand High Chief is Asar, and she herself is the High Chief of Mork, a country within Asar


She is a human


She carries the standard weaponry of Asar - A sword and shield. But she also has a dagger. She prefers fighting with her dagger, or in fact, prefers talking over fighting. Of course, this does not mean she can not fight. When she has to, she will, and there is a high chance your head will be on a pike at the end of the fight.


Model is Alyssa Sutherland


Ylva is, much unlike her siblings, more diplomatic than the rest of Asar. She is tough, outspoken, brave, and stubborn, but she is also smarter than the rest. Due to her extra training alongside Freyja and Johannes, she knows how to behead a person a number of different ways. She plans for attacks. She's a strategist more than she is a fighter, and a diplomat more than she is a strategist.
Ylva has a protective nature over both her younger siblings and the rest of her clan. While Freyja is the motherly one who cares for people. Ylva is the outspoken one who makes decisions for people. She is great at making decisions, too. Looking at all the outcomes from every different persepctive and choosing a decision based on the best thing for everyone affected.
She's also a hell of a war general. As a strategist and a leader to boot, Ylva trains her soldiers well enough to combat even the toughest of opponents. For her clan, she prefers the brightest the most powerful. Men and women who plan an attack, and win from advantage.


Ylva is the eldest child of Gustav Igorson and Torbjørg Alfrdotter. She was never destined to lead the country, and that was fine. As long as her family was still in power. The Grand High clan of Asar was destined to be lead by her youngest sibling - Johannes. The people called him "The Wolf", and Ylva could not be more proud of him.
In between those two was her outspoken sister, Freyja. Freyja was, in a way, the apple of her parent's eyes, and was very much so the apple of Ylva's. Smart, spoken, powerful, Freyja has never disappointed the family of the Grand High Chief.
When Ylva's proving day had come, she was paired with a young man from Mork. It was a fair fight- The man was smart, and he was prepared. But he was no where near as good as the Grand High Chief's oldest daughter. The fight ended abruptly, when Ylva had aimed the edge of the sword to go through his neck, and held the severed head high for everyone to see.
Unfortunately for Mork, that just so happened to be their next Chief. The Chief of Mork was devestated, but he accepted the defeat with honor. It was only years later that the death of the Chief's son would come back to benefit her. After Gustav Igorson's death, and following the integration of a new chief - Her baby brother, and one of the people she loves the most, Johannes. When Johannes became chief, it was almost as if nothing was different except their responsibilities. While Johannes dealt with chief business, with minor help from his sister, she had to help take care of young children, and teach them how to fight.
But soon, Mork's chief died, as well as Mjoll's. Ylva and Freyja were asked to take control of the high clans, as neither of them had left heirs - Ylva had killed the Mork heir. So, Ylva did her job, taking control of Mork as the High Chieftess, and training the young guards and future generations.

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