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Full Name:

Sigrid Akseldotter


She's 22.


She's the grand high chieftess of Asar Kingdom.


She's a regular human.


She has multiple weapons, both for close-range combat and long-range combat, though she's most skilled at using her bow and arrows. That said, she can put on a good fight with a sword, even if she doesn't like to resort to it. She also has multiple blades hidden in her entire attire. She's also adept at hand to hand combat.


Her FC is Rose Leslie.


Sigrid can be cold, harsh, distrusting and difficult to warm up to, from past experiences. She's not a bad person, she isn't, it just takes an increasing amount of time for her to be able to become comfortable to the point she can let her guard down a bit. Married to the high grand chief of Asar makes it increasingly difficult for her to trust people, but given the lack of any other option, she's learned to force herself to be a little less Sigrid and be a little more of a ruler.
Growing up in a regular clan, with nobody to stick up for her or give her a good chance at just about anything, Sigrid grew to be slightly rough around the edges. She's adept at getting out of problems, but she's even better at confronting them, at making sure there's no repeat. She was an only child - a girl, no less - who everyone learned not to mess with, from her sneaky ways to her use of a bow and arrow to the use of her legs and fists.
She's perceptive and calculative. Above everything, Sigrid is a strategist. She doesn't allow Johannes - or anyone else, really - to go into anything blindly. She's good at finding weak spots, and even better at exploiting them. She's wicked smart, a woman with both talent and brains. Truth be told, not many can get away with hiding anything from Sigrid, let alone lying to her.
Sigrid is confident in all she does. Rarely ever does she have a speck of doubt, because doubt equals to vulnerability, and she doesn't want to afford that, not when there's a Kingdom below her. That said, she has her moments, even if they're disclosed in private to Johannes only. She's mastered the arts of putting on a mask, of not giving away anything, especially not what goes on in her mind.


Sigrid was born into a regular clan below Dalir, daughter to fisherman Aksel and sailor Sif, not that she ever met the woman. Sif had never wanted children, to be tied down to Asar completely, to lose her job as a sailor. It's what she was born to do. Thus, she left her newborn babe with her father and fled before sunrise. From that moment onwards, it was just Sigrid and Aksel.
Aksel was a cripple, a man who wouldn't be able to remarry or woo any other woman in the kingdom. Sif had been a surprise - she was a lovely woman with beautiful auburn locks and a smile to brighten anyone's day. How could she ever take interest in a cripple like Aksel? But it happened, and quite frankly, he didn't regret it. He had Sigrid now, a little girl who was not once short of love from her father.
Growing up in Asar was very difficult for Sigrid. The children her age didn't seem to want her around, whether it was for the smell of fish that always followed her, the fact that she had no mother, or her father was a cripple, she honestly didn't know back then. But now, looking back, it was clear - it was for all of them. She didn't take to it well, but on the bright side, she was able to learn how to defend herself, how to fight her way through the misogyny and sexism that seemed to still come into play with the younger, non-official Asarians.
Sigrid roughened along the edges throughout time. She wasn't that same little girl that helped her father the fisherman. She began to evolve, growing into a fighter. Someone who very clearly didn't belong in one of Dalir's regular clans. She snuck into lessons, fought her way through tens of kids to be able to practice hand to hand combat, she did quite possibly all she could to rise through the ranked expectations of her class, by practicing hand to hand combat every day and training with a wide range of weapons. Really, whatever she could do, she tried to do it. She intended to gain full citizenship in Asar.
She didn't fail. It took a long time, but given time, people began to expect more of her. She didn't bother to meet any expectations, not really, but this one... this one is one she wanted to meet, if not exceed. She was going to fight to the death when the day came, she'd win, and she'd get the hell out of Dalir the moment she could. It was her long term plan, one that she succeeded at. Sigrid had the misfortune - or fortune, really - to be thrown into the pit with Hjalmar Adolvsson. He was big, buff, mostly made up of strength rather than brains. He was strong, definitely, landed some hits, but Sigrid knew how to use her size to her advantage, and coupled with her perceptiveness and creative mind, she was able to take him down under six minutes. All she'd needed were a couple lucky hits. Distract, Incapacitate, Kill. It was a simple plan.
Sigrid was rounded up with the rest of victors, once they were all done with their fights. _____ clan chose her in the end, after consulting with the rest, which came to a surprise, given the fact it was a high clan, not a regular like the one she came from. It was fitting, however, given how she had exhibited ideal skills pertaining to their own clan. She was earning respect, and she had to say, she enjoyed it, even if she tried to make it come across as though she didn't. She even caught Johannes Gustavson's interest, the boy born into the Asar clan, heir to the entire Kingdom. Truth be told, Sigrid didn't like him. Not at first. She felt as though he was entitled, arrogant and a jackass.
Time went on and whilst she adapted to her new clan, leaving behind the fishermen and being accepted into ____'s ranks, she also went on to create new ties. For instance, what began as a mostly-hate based relationship developed into something.... well, something more intimate. Sigrid didn't warm up to Johannes on the spot - it took time. More time than any other Asarian woman would have allowed. But in due time, she began to relent little by little, admitting to her father the fact that she had feelings for him when her father brought up the topic one day.
But then Johannes was made chief and needed a wife - needed to provide a chieftess. And that's when hell broke loose. She avoided Johannes and everyone from the Asar clan as much as she could. She was curt, kept things brief, but always dodged when she could. She was bad enough with feelings as was - it took years for her to warm to the idea, after all. She didn't need to deal with the drama her moment of vulnerability entailed.
And then he found her. He found her and confronted her and it was a total mess. She was mid-rant about him and his egotistical, unmanly ways, when he tugged her in and kissed her, an easy way to shut her up. If you ask, she'll say she pulled back and slapped him. Which isn't a lie. (But she totally kissed him back first.) But in the end, she wound up becoming the grand high chieftess. It was a drastic change, but she took... relatively well to it, not counting her slightly discomfort in terms of having to open up slightly to her own people.

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